Sunday, September 18, 2011


After 5 months, the girls have finally outgrown their co-sleeper - literally.  When they lie in the co-sleeper, their heads touch one end and their toes touch the other end. Any movement on their part results in the co-sleeper shaking.  And one morning, we found that Abigail had wiggled herself down and her legs were hanging out of the edge of the co-sleeper.  So, we decided to make use of the two cribs in the nursery and put them in their cribs Friday night. 

How'd it go?  One word:  FAIL.

We started the evening with the normal bedtime routine:  wash face and hands, put on pajamas and then time to eat.  Normally, the girls feed themselves to sleep, but for the past week they've still been somewhat awake when they've finished eating and they normally fall asleep after a few minutes of fussing.  So, it wasn't a surprise to me that they were still awake Friday night after their last feeding.  We wrapped them up and put them in their cribs and said good-night.

And then the fun began.

Abigail found a new decibel in her already wide-range of shrieks and started wailing uncontrollably.  It was as if she was terrified.  Nothing Sean did would console her - and for the first time the 5 S's failed us (swaddle, shush, side, sway, suck).  In the end, the only thing that comforted her was me.  And in a night of new experiences, that was a another new one.  For the first time Abigail would only be consoled by mom and not dad.  During the shreiking, Fiona seemed to be fine being in her crib.  But, you could tell she was getting annoyed with her sister's crying because after a while she started fussing, too.  The shreiking wore on each of us and the inconsollable crying got to us, too. 

In the end, we caved and put them in their co-sleeper for one more night.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Hands and Fists

 Hands. Abigail has recently (within the last 2 weeks) discovered her hands. She’s fascinated by them. She’ll stare at her hand and just watch it do tricks for her: she’ll close it into a fist, open it up and will repeat that over and over. She’ll also face her palm to her face then turn her hand around and she’ll repeat that over and over. Last week she used her newly discovered hands to discover her right ear. Although, it seems like she only notices she has a right ear when I’m feeding her. 

Fists. Fiona has taken to shoving her entire fist in her mouth and chowing down on it. She’s also become a non-stop fountain of drool.  Combine the two and this results in her hands occasionally smelling like feet.  Not that that stops her. I have a feeling that the fist chowing and the constant drool are telltale signs of teething – at least that’s what the internets tell me.  I’ve tried to give her toys to chew on but she hasn’t mastered her hand-eye coordination, yet, so she toy winds up in her eye, rather than her mouth.  And her mouth is still tiny so the toys don’t quite fit in her mouth, which leads her to drop the toy and shove fist in mouth.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Best Things About Maternity Leave

Naps.  Waking up in the middle of the night to tend to a fussy baby is much more palatable knowing I can snooze during the day to catch up on missed sleep.

Wearing pajamas until 7:00pm. 
Why even bother changing out of pajamas at 7:00pm?  Because that’s when we take the girls out for a walk and I’ve seen enough episodes of What Not To Wear to know better than to leave my house in pjs.

Catching up on 2 seasons of Supernatural.
  Dude – that’s a great show.  I’m so sorry I missed out on watching it from the beginning.
Quality time with my folks.  I spent a full week with my dad and 3 weeks with my mom.  This is time that I’ll cherish forever (if I can remember it through the blur). Plus an additional week with each of them at the end of my leave.

These guys.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Maternity Leave and Going Back to Work

I was going to write about the end of maternity leave and having to go back to work, but I am just way too tired to do that.  And that perfectly sums up how I feel about going back to work:  I operate in a state of utter exhaustion all day long.  Why?  Thanks in large part to my 1.5 hour commute each morning and evening I’m up at 5am, home by 5:30pm, take care of kids from 5:30pm-9:00pm, and in bed by 9:30pm.  (Back story – my department moved to our LA office 50 miles away from our current office while I was pregnant.  Since I was pregnant, I worked out of the old office, now that I’m not pregnant I have to make the commute).   Luckily, this schedule won’t last too long – I start a new job next Monday and the commute is less than 15 minutes.  I just have to power through 5 more days of living like a zombie.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Our Little Feces Monsters

16 weeks ago this past Monday, two of us went to the doctor's office for a routine ultrasound and non-stress test. Five days later, four of us walked out.  As my maternity leave comes to an end, I've found myself reflecting on how much the girls have grown and changed since those first stress-filled, sleepless, crazy weeks; and I've also thought about how much our lives have changed since we brought them home.
  1. Once upon a time 4am meant I was stumbling into bed.  Now it means I'm stumbling out of it
  2. Disco naps have been replaced with "nap while the kids nap" naps
  3. Poop and toots have become the primary conversation topic at casa de Flinn
  4. Living with babies is like living in Italy under Il Duche - the trains (or rather, the food) will always arrive on schedule
  5. Last-minute drives to LA to catch a concert have been replaced with last-minute drives to Target for everything.  
  6. Before kids - I would never leave the house in pajama pants. Now, I consider wearing pajama pants being dressed up. 
  7. A continuous night's sleep has become a myth - oft-talked about yet never seen.
As crazy as they made me those first few months (I seriously think I should have been put on meds at one point), they're pretty awesome dudes.  I remember what our life was like before they arrived, but now I can't imagine my life without them.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sleepless Nights

It's 6:00am in the morning and I'm awake.  Awake, people.  Something is seriously wrong with this picture.  I can't remember the last time I slept through the night.  It has to have been at least 4 months.  I used to be a champion sleeper - I could sleep for at least 10 hours at a stretch.  The interrupted sleep started a few months ago - I'd get up every 2-3 hours a night because the babies were squishing my bladder.  But over the past few weeks things have gotten worse - I've been waking up every hour.  Every hour, people.  Naps last longer than an hour.  These sleepless nights have less to do with bathroom breaks and more to do with the babies making life miserable for me.  If Baby B isn't wedging her head under my rib cage, then Baby A is practicing her soccer kicks against my stomach.  Well-meaning people tell me it's my body getting ready for night time feedings.  Which is little comfort as I'm propping my eyelids open with toothpicks at 2pm. 

Luckily, I'm on maternity leave now - which frees up my mornings and afternoons for naps.  Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on all of the sleep I'm currently missing. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nursery Sneak Peek: Valence

Domestic and handy.  I'm slowly, but surely, becoming a lethal combination of being both domestic, like Martha, and handy, like Bob.  Mom was in town visiting for the weekend to attend the California family baby shower. I took advantage of her being in town and roped her into helping me make a valence for the nursery.  I then roped her into showing me how to hang it up.  

Turns out making the valence was a lot more difficult than hanging it.  Making it from our own pattern took almost all day.  Although, part of that can be attributed to the fact that we spent so much time in Jo-Ann's looking at fabric and coming up with too many fabric combinations to choose from.  Compound that with the fact that my sewing machine - which I hadn't used since mom shipped it to me in November (and before that I hadn't used in at least 5 years) didn't work.  Luckily, that's what neighbors are for!  A friend lives around the corner and lent me hers for the evening.  

Like I said, hanging the valence was a lot easier than making it - in fact we were able to finish it in just 3 steps:

Step 1:  get the right tool.

Step 2:  use tool to make hole in wall.

Step 3: Hang valence and viola!  Admire your handywork.